Friday, November 04, 2005

Observation 2 (notes)

talking about court case that must have begun last time.

negotiating next week's presentation topic. "not food; we did enough food."

T-- "topic is open."
--"Are you ready?"

2 students presenting court case
--uncertain-- "I don't know judge's style"
T describes "defendant" & "plaintiff"
S's having difficulty with word-choice, T offers suggestions
good interaction-- students comfortable w/ each other

transition-- "let's do a little acting"
-very comfortable w/ students-- they're comfortable talking spontaneously

"Somebody's not here"
-- had to get ea. student to say his role to determine who was missing

"You guys sleepy today?"- banter

nobody volunteers, so she gives them 2 mins to prep.
-- students ask vocab Qs-- should she have done some vocab prep @ beginning?
interrupted roleplay to explain vocab "reincarnation"
2nd S (skeptic) isn't really doing his part-- not being skeptical-- T encouraging him to resist, but he doesn't. finall, T-- "you win, Dmitri"

2nd roleplay-- waiter-- T takes notes
--T discusses w/ S's afterwards-- "what's wrong w/ saying 'what do you want?'" -- explains pragmatics, setting
--why not have roleplays in open space, instead of @ desks?

4th-- T has to push student in the roleplay-- but he's better than he was!
--students very creative.
-- clarify-- "are you going to take his advice?"

"so what do you do if..."
"you don't want to be rude"


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