Monday, November 07, 2005

Questions, obs. 2

Class participation seems much better-- what happened?

gradual improvement, but midterm evals helped a lot: reassurance-- T understands & acknowledges S's fears.

How did time management go?

pretty loose; gauge the mood of the class & go with it

Seemed to be many vocab problems: had you thought about introducing vocab beforehand?

role-plays were hilarious. Your purpose was probably to get them to think about negotiating difficult situations-- do you think they got this?

No, they didn't at all. T will keep hammering this in.

Had you thought about explicitly describing the purpose of the activity before-hand?

Might be a good idea.

There wasn't much time to wrap up at the end-- would less role-playing, more discussion have been better? or would it have been better not to cut some of the longer ones off?

go with mood, get them to talk


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