Monday, November 07, 2005

Observation 3 (notes)

-- intro project, key phrases

Negotiating topic for debate
-- want to debate Olympics? professionals allowed?
"but why do we want to watch the Olympics?"
-- here they pick heart-warming stories

S-- "sports is beautiful. competing is beautiful."

T-- why would you want to have professionals?
"if you know nobody..."

T-- "why do you watch?"
-- do you think it might be an interesting topic to debate?
-- think about it overnight-- tomorrow each must have an idea
-- don't worry about the data now; I'll collect it tomorrow

T passes out "official packet for the main event"
-- points out typo in packet and has them correct it
explains outline
"you'll be here, they'll be there..."
"& we're gonna win this, right?"
points out weaknesses
-- organization, key language
-- points out language on last page

1 S slips in late

T "repeat after me-- 'consider these points,' " etc
has them go through in chorus

all examples are re. abortion debate
S "what's pro-choice?"

S-- "even though" @ end of sentence?
T clarifies "even though X," vs "X, though."

passes out topics to argue, gives them 5 min to write down arguments
-- one S explains hwk to late S

S confused b/c packet date & time inaccurate
T apologizes-- "last week of classes"
"can everyone come 9th period that day?"
Ss negotiate when 9th period is
T "how soon can you find out?"

"OK so you should have @ least 1 argument written already?"
2 Ss try to exchange topics, T "oh nonononono," all laughing
T-- "if you do have kids, will you want them to smoke?"
S reveals that wife is pregnant, baby due next wk

"OK I'm gonna stop you. Keep the material, & tomorrow we'll argue & make sure you're using the language."

"think about debate topic"

Ss negotiate-- we have 1/2 hr, let's talk about the debate topic right now!
S starts writing ideas on the board
-- "we have 1/2 an hr!"
-- "i don't know!" "let's pick an area"
- they all agree, no politics
- food? "it's an idea, @ least it starts s/th"

"what did we see in the GRE?"
"debate whether this course is helpful?"

-- "s/th about UF?"
-joke-- good school or not?
- policy-- int'l student fee?

-- tipping? - or other thing where home country differs from FL

- "let's look for s/th where it's easy to find arguments"
- "gay marriage?"
- "no that's politics"

- "try to find s/th very small, where it doesn't matter too much whether you're against or for"

- traffic light example
- in England, orange both ways

- "think about small stuff like that -- HIV was too difficult"
- types of sausages
- cheese pasteurized?
- "light stuff that's funny"
- "let's talk about s/th positive"

"Class is done"
students clap
- "I want to be a teacher"


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