Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I'm doing language-exchange; teach English for an hour, get Korean help for an hour. The problem is that I'm not doing my homework-- nor do I have clearly defined homework. It's in my control; H is my test subject. Ideally, this is where I work my skills as a budding linguist, where I theorize and hypothesize for hours and then sit her down with a microphone and make her produce speech.

Or, where I break down and buy myself a textbook, spend five to six hours a day going through it, and then in the hour with H check up on the more difficult or ornery problems; get feedback. She's not a trained language teacher, and Koreans are notoriously bad at reflecting on their own language. But she's a native speaker, and that's a valuable asset.

Textbook seems the wisest course of action. It's not the best way to learn a language, but at least it's a map. Follow it and you'll get somewhere. Textbook, flashcards, the deal. Time-consuming, but I do have time if will only order it better. I need to schedule an hour of Korean per day right there into the desktop calendar, and stick to it.


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