Wednesday, February 15, 2006


S & I have discussed some changes to ASE 1 Video / Feedback. One change this semester is that the students are being given assignments: the first presentation was how to do a process-- cake recipe, for example. Second was about a place they'd visited, and for the third they're telling a fairytale or folk tale from their home country. G & M haven't decided on the fourth yet.

There are some great ways to frame a folktale, and a lot of very fun and interesting storytelling devices that can be used. S & I don't think our students are taking advantage of this, and we're wondering whether the students would be better if one of us modeled a presentation.

If we're to do this, then next week I (or S) would start class by introducing the fourth round of presentations, both the topic and the emphases (next week's will be audience awareness, specifically asking & answering questions, as well as adapting the talk for a non-specialst/ specialist audience). Then I'd give a presentation, modeling the skills that I'd just discussed.

Of course this would be good. It would give the students a sample to work from, would hopefully give them some ideas about visual aids, transition techniques, ways of getting the audience involved, etc. And it would be good for me. I'd have T video me just like she videos the students, and so would have visual/ audio data of myself to be analyzed. But it would also be a hell of a lot of work.

I think it's worth it. But the schedule is pretty tight. Will talk with S again soon (tomorrow, maybe) and if she still thinks it's a good idea, we'll go for it. It'll make me a better teacher.


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